Plastic Fencing Posts

Imagine a world without trees littered with waste plastic everywhere! The COREC TM brand of fencing posts are suitable for fences on farms, homes, national parks & game reserves and commercial premises such as cattle ranches and tourist resorts. They can also be used as support beams for houses, cow sheds and garages. Smaller profiles can be used to make chicken houses, rabbit houses and kernels. Our profiles can be used as pickets, decking boards and for constructing outdoor furniture.

Benefits of using Corec Fencing Posts

  • Aesthetic finish: The products have a modern finishing with unbeatable quality and appearance. Our products look fantastic and have a regular shape with a smooth finish. If properly constructed and maintained, the structure will look good for years, adding prestige and value to the premises.
  • Durability: They replicate their timber and clay equivalents but outlast them in application. The products have a life expectancy of over 40 years, with minimal degradation.
  • Rot, algae proof and insect resistant: They cannot rot, become dump (allowing algae growth) and termites cannot feed on them..
  • Cost effective: This is particularly in terms of the ‘life cost’ of the products. There are significant cost savings due to reduced maintenance and replacement requirements. They do not need to be painted.
  • Easy to work with: Traditional woodworking tools such as hammer and fencing staples can be used install the plastic fencing posts. The products can be cut, drilled, nailed as easily as timber.