Waste Plastic Recycling in Kenya

Submitted by: Continental Renewable Energy Co Ltd
Implemented country: Kenya
Title: Waste Plastic Recycling in Kenya

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, generates over 2650 metric tons of waste everyday, 20 % of which is plastic. Over 70 % of the total waste is disposed of by crude dumping, ending up littering streets, in open fields and clogging sewer. Continental Renewable Energy Co. (Waste Plastic Recycling Division) is taking advantage of an emerging market opportunity to become a highly distinguished and recognized industry leader in the manufacture of composite building hardware using recycled plastic waste. It is the goal of our company to become established as the leading manufacturer of building material and distributor of innovative and quality hardware using waste recycled plastic in the local market and East African Community market. In order to achieve this goal, the company’s critical success factors will be to identify emerging trends and integrate them into opportunities, respond quickly to technology changes, be there early, provide high-quality products, continue to invest time and money in research and development and continue to expand into both low and high-end markets. Through this we will also stay ahead of the competitors.
Prevalent soil degradation through erosion and desertification and flooding due to adverse climatic change as a result of few trees has changed for the better with the area looking greener than ever before. Cleaning environment by reducing heaps of garbage littering open fields and reduction of endangered marine life will be to the tune of 3000 t annually which will go along way creating and thereby avoid 550,000 tons of CO2 emissions.